10:21:AM  |  25 February 2018

New Zealand Overview

Strong Economic Fundamentals

New Zealand’s efficient, market-driven economy delivers key benefits to investors, including:

•    Business stability

•    Extensive free-trade agreements

•    Active government support for investment


Infrastructure for Business

New Zealand is an export nation connected locally and globally by efficient technology and logistics. Locally we have fast digital and wireless networks. Globally we connect to the world through efficient ports, a wide range of global airline services, and high-capacity submarine fibre-optic cables.


Competitive Business Costs

New Zealand’s business-friendly taxation system supports capital development, research and development and international investment. Flexible labour policies ensure low employee add-on costs and minimal losses of work days to industrial action.

Our competitive property and telecommunications costs also attract multinational investment projects to New Zealand.


NZ Facts & Figures

New Zealand's continued strong economic performance and future outlook make New Zealand an ideal investment location.

To demonstrate New Zealand's strong economic environment, view our update database of New Zealand economic statistics published by our national statistics agency, Statistics New Zealand.